Sparsh Homes - Your safe abode.
Blu Group developers together with the Sparsh Group present to you Blu Sparsh, an incredible experience of lavish and luxurious living with an inherent feeling of belongingness.

Experience Sparsh, our luxurious residential project launching soon!

The past is constantly turning into the present.

The present is here to stay.

Breathe in the present.

Immerse yourself in the soul of Sparsh!

Sparsh - Blu Group

Blu Sparsh ǀ Sparsh Villa ǀ Sparsh Apartments

Sparsh - Blu Group

Home is where the heart is.
Happiness is where the heart feels good.

The lush green luxury homes have distinctly designed elements that instantly make you feel at home.

Feel Good with Blu Sparsh!

Experience Purity
Today’s lifestyle demands sitting back in an armchair or walking amidst the

Run through the greens, walk across the dew dropped grass, or just sit back in your armchair in the verandah and relax.

Breathe in the fresh air on the 14th floor surrounded by the endless sky, chirping birds and dancing plants. greens and breathing purity.

Breathe purity with Blu Sparsh!

Sparsh - Blu Group

You belong here.

Blending contemporary architecture with modern amenities, Blu Sparsh is the home that enchants you as much as it belongs to you. Experience belongingness with Blu Sparsh!

Taste Heaven

A rare combination of style and simplicity , of sense and sensibility and of those little pleasures of life that we love to experience,
Blu Sparsh gives you a chance to be there and feel it.

Feel the raindrops on your face and palms in our beautifully designed gardens.
Experience the warm sun rays that yellow your face through our windows on a chilly morning.
Bring the moon into your homes through our open verandahs.
Let heaven and nature sing. Taste Blu Sparsh!

Sparsh - Blu Group